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We are a family owned farm since 2014! Our cattle and hogs are raised with no antibiotics, no hormones and no other chemicals typically used by the meat industry! Our butcher is 100% FDA certified and 100% additive free. All our meat as well as our smoked meat is USDA inspected.

Like other concerned Americans, we do not want meat with harsh chemicals like that provided by the large meat companies. These concerns are indeed valid and an increase in demand for pork will increase the amount of pork on the market containing antibiotics, hormones, and other chemicals. The American consumer’s search for chemical free pork is being further frustrated by new laws which no longer require meat to be labeled with its country of origin.

American people want additive free, American grown pork — and The Bacon Ranch is here to bring that to you! All of our pork is raised right here in the USA on our family owned and operated farm in Portland, NY.  Not only are our products a healthier choice, the quality of our products are far superior. You only have to taste our center cut, pork chops, thick sliced bacon, and delicious sausage to appreciate the difference. We also offer homegrown, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, chemical-free Highland and Angus beef!

A walk through any major grocery store demonstrates both the demand for these products and the high price people are willing to pay for them. Please see our pork, beef and combo pack price sheets for our current offerings as well as our specials we run! We welcome the opportunity to earn your business. If you are interested in 100% additive free locally produced pork products which will exceed your quality and flavor expectations. Please feel free to contact us 716-365-9077!